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 Sales Starts this Wednesday 2/19/2020

The deadline to purchase player tickets is 3/2/2020.  




2019-2020 Lafayette Mills Elementary School Yearbook

$32 per book

*New this year, we will now have
a beautiful hardcover book!*

 Please place your order by Thursday, April 9,2020.

***5th Grade students DO NOT need to place a book order. They receive one free yearbook as a gift from the Lafayette Mills PTA. 

If you have any questions please send an email to

If you are interested in congratulating your child with a yearbook booster for the 2019-2020 year, orders are due by Friday March 6th, 2020.

Boosters are open to ALL grade levels.

 If you are designing your own ad:

The specific size requirements are listed below. You must use a graphic design program. A Microsoft Word document will not be accepted. Please make sure your writing or design is not too close to the edge as it may get cut off. The resolution for all photos and graphics must be a minimum of 300 DPI. All boosters must be submitted as a JPG or PDF and emailed to by March 6, 2020.

1/8 page - size requirements W 3.25” x H 2.5”

¼ page – size requirements W 3.25” xH 4.3”

½ page – 5th Grade Students ONLY size requirements W 6.8” x H 4.3”


If you are NOT designing your own ad:

The yearbook committee can create your ad.  

*** A one time design fee of $10.00 will be added to your cart, regardless of how many adds we design for you, provided that you purchase the ads at the same time within the same order.  If you purchase ads separately under different orders, you will be charged an additional design fee.

Please email us your design request by March 6, 2019 at and include:

  • colors/graphics 
  • a message 
  • photographs (if you choose)

***You will receive a proof for approval with one additional change if required.

 ****Whether you are designing your own ad, or we are designing it for you, all ads must be purchsed and payment must be received by March 6, 2020.  In addition, you must email your booster, or your request for us to design the booster by March 6, 2020.  This is a firm deadline as we have a deadline to adhere to with the yearbook company.







Welcome back! We hope everyone had an awesome summer! We invite each and every one of you to look around and get to know us here at the Lafayette Mills PTA. We are a dedicated group of parents and teachers/staff who work together to enhance our children’s experience at school.  In order to be able to purchase items throughout the year for your child and sign up for PTA events, you need to create a paperless account on our website.

If you are a new member, please create an account and then, purchase your 2019-2020 membership, so that you will receive our weekly email, and any text messages.  Once a PTA member, you can then purchase our Paperless PTA App,  which gives you access to our school directory and the ability to purchase things right from your phone!

If you are a returning member, you do NOT need to create an account.  Just login and renew you 2019-2020 membership.  Once you have renewed your membership, you can then go ahead and purchase our Paperless PTA App.

We hope to see you at all of the wonderful events and fundraisers we have planned throughout the year. Our PTA cannot function without our wonderful volunteers and families and we thank each and every one of your for your contributions, donations, time and generosity!

Membership Dues

Join the Lafayette Mills PTA and become apart of your child's school experience.  By joining LM PTA for just $12 a family, you will have access to our online directory and stores. You will receive exclusive emails and reminders for PTA events, you will have the opportunity to Chair or voluneer for an event, and you will have the right to vote on important topics at our membership meetings. Come join the PTA and help to make your child's experience at school and even brighter one.   Click to order.

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The smartphone app is just $2.00 a device which gives you exclusive mobile access, receive text alerts and email blasts, access to our digital directory and so much more.  Click to order.

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